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The Headstart Program by Dynamik Technologies aims to develop industry ready graduates who will be fully equipped to perform in the work place whilst students undergo their undergraduate degree. 

Headstart uses a degree apprenticeship model of delivery that combines academic course of study and work-based element of learning. Similar programs have been established by other international companies such as Dyson, Cisco, BP and Nestle working hand in hand with academic institutions.

Dynamik Technologies plays a role as solution integrator to ensure the program remains relevant and to provide dynamic industry relevant skills and internationally recognized certifications.

Through Headstart,undergraduates will undergo on the job training, relevant experience and certification whilst studying for their degree. 

At the completion of the undergraduate degree program, they will receive their degree from the university, possesses industrial certification and experience and will be given a conditional offer to work with Dynamik Technologies for 4 years.

program to give you a Headstart in the IT industry

The program will run concurrently with the undergraduate degree program where Headstarters will be carrying out work assignments that can be done onsite or virtually.

Headstarters will be assigned to projects and be a part of the professional, multidisciplinary team. 
On the job training and certifications will be the backbone to this program, allowing students to build a strong foundation in technology platforms and change enabling frameworks such as SAP, .NET, Change Management, Project Management and Service Management; industry ready qualifications. 

Join our Headstart program to

Gain opportunity and  exposure to work in real IT project(s) and responsibilities

 Get professional development by undergoing on the job training whilst studying full time

Receive internationally recognized certifications in relevant technology and IT management skil

 Be industry ready upon graduating

Are you ready to give yourself a Headstart?

Studying an academically rigorous degree, whilst being devoted to Headstart with real work experiences will be an exciting and thrilling challenge. The program aims for students to demonstrate academic strength, technical aptitude and have the skills and qualities in preparation to succeed in a professional working environment.

We seek for students who are Resilient, Driven, Flexible, Passionate and Independent.

Academic Entry Requirement

Enrollment  is open to all students who have completed their first yearundertaking Digital Science, Faculty of Science, Universiti Brunei Darussalam who meet the minimum requirements of cGPA 3.3 and above for Year 1.

Ready to apply and be a Headstarter?

Any interested students must submit the following