BAG Networks wants more businesses sign up for Cendana




LOCAL IT solutions provider BAG Networks is calling for more companies in Brunei to sign up for its all-in-one business management platform Cendana.

The tech company yesterday presented its latest product during a financial management talk organised by Darussalam Enterprise (DARE) Industry Business Academy (IBA).

“We’re still in the midst of getting more customers. As of now, the number is not that high,” said Yasmin Patera, a BAG Networks representative for Cendana Sales and Support.

Yasmin said that the modular, cloud-based, integrated management suite streamlines business activities and processes for enterprises.

“Cendana can be used for any business including micro businesses, startups and even government-linked companies depending on business needs.

“You can access the system anywhere and anytime as long as there is internet connection and browser,” she said.

Yasmin said as their business expands, companies can add modules to their “starter pack”, such as human resource or inventory. The starter pack is bundled with accounting and website modules.

She said Cendana essentially helps entrepreneurs to be more organised in managing their business. “Cendana is an integrated system. For example, any updates made in sales and purchases are reflected back in the financial statements in the accounting module,” said Yasmin.

“It then produces a balance sheet and cash flow statement which the entrepreneur can view and print. This is useful for when you need to apply for loans and you want to know financial status,” she said.

The Brunei Times

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