Frequently Asked Questions

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    1) What is Cendana (the Product)?

    Cendana is an all-in-one integrated online business solution that caters for any type of business of any size – be it micro to small medium enterprises (MSMEs), Government Linked Companies (GLCs), Large Companies or Cooperatives. 

    Cendana helps businesses with powerful features to enable further efficiency and ease in the management of their everyday business activities to help them grow. 

    2) What are the benefits of using Cendana for my business?

    The Cendana online integrated business solution is accessible 24 hours and 7 days a week from any computer with an internet connection anywhere at any time. Cendana makes it easy for SMEs to produce reports and manage their everyday business activities such their accounting, sales, purchases, inventory, website, human resources and many more in order to better manage and grow their businesses. 

    Businesses will no longer need to invest in expensive hardware and software maintenance & updates, much like any online applications today all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to access the application.

    3) How do I subscribe for Cendana?

    If you decide to subscribe to Cendana, simply fill in our User Agreement Form and Cendana Request Form (CURF) and return to us for processing.              

    4) What happens if i cancel my subscription?

    Cendana subscription is a twelve-month contract term, termination before the contract ends will require the user to pay the remaining balance in full.  

    5) Will there be training provided?

    One day full-functional training will be provided for newly subscribed clients with continued support throughout their subscription. Upon completion of you training, we will also assist you to configure your Chart of Accounts (COA). 

    6) Will there be user support?

    Cendana has its own customer call centre in which users can call and ask for support in regards to Cendana. Our dedicated client support line is available during working hours from Mondays to Fridays, from 8pm to 5pm; except on public holidays. 

    7) What do I need to be able to access the system?

    The users can access the system online through the internet thus users will only need a computer/laptop with an internet connection. 

    8) Is the Cendana system secure?

    The Cendana system is secure, user login and password is used with securely encrypted access connection to Cendana. Data is stored in a safe location locally.

    9) Can other people access my account?

    Each user will have their own unique account login credentials. The data being sent between your computer and the system is fully encrypted and cannot be read by anyone except you. 

    Note: The system administrator upon your consent may access your account for client support issue resolutions and continual service improvements.

    10) How do I change my password?