BAG Employees Enablement Session

This survey is dedicated to improve our enablement session.

It should take you around less than 5 minutes to complete this survey. 

Your views and comments are very valuable for us to improve for future sessions. All feedback will be treated with confidentiality - we will, however, require your name in order to tick you off the employee name list. 

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1. I know why I need to attend this session *

2. I know what to expect from this session *

3. I believe my expectations have been met *

4. I have no knowledge of Cendana before attending this session *

1. The visual aids used were useful *

2. The sound level was clear & sufficient *

3. Pace of the presentation was appropriate *

4. The presenters were knowledgeable and organised *

5. The overall style and delivery of the presenters were effective *

6. The presenters responded well to group and individual questions *

1. I have now an improved understanding of Cendana *

2. I will be able to disseminate (talk about/share) the knowledge I gained on Cendana to my peers and the wider public *

3. I understand the sales & pricing packages of Cendana *

4. I understand what Cendana is and why it is useful for businesses *

1. What do you like best about this session? *

2. What did you not like about this session? *

3. What areas of the session/presentation that would you like to change or improve upon? *

4. Any other additional comments?