Cendana Pre Go Live Survey for JPCC

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera,

We, the Cendana Project team, would like to find out how the project implementation of JPCC's Cendana has been for you. Therefore, we kindly request a few minutes of your time to complete this survey. Your feedback is highly valuable to us so we can continue to improve our services for you and this project. 

Thank you.

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I am confident that Cendana will improve my effectiveness on my day-to-day operations. *

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Meet the objectives of my organisation.
Help keep track of employee's record.
Increase efficiency in processing payroll.
Able to manage employee's leave requests accurately

It is clear that the Cendana is an important first step in digitalisation of the organisation. *

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Please list down any suggestions on how to improve Cendana as a system.

How was the communication handled between JPCC and Cendana during the project implementation? *

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How effective were the informational materials available during the implementation? (i.e. Email, Slides) *

Does your organisation have the right processes in place to support this change? *

Are decisions made quickly to enable change to happen? *

Are decisions clearly communicated to enable change to happen? *

Does Cendana organisational structure enable sharing of information to drive this project?

Does Cendana organisational structure enable collaboration to drive this project? *

Does the organisation have access to the necessary data/reporting framework for this change? *

Do your peers know of this project and have a positive feeling on it? *

The overall satisfaction of the Project team: *

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Kept it relevant

How well did the Project team respond to your questions or comments related to the project during the project implementation? *

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Do you have any comments regarding this project implementation?