Cendana Training Evaluation Form (Singgah)

Dear Client,

 As part of our ongoing efforts to provide your business the best possible service, Cendana aims to improve your user experience by carrying out a survey.  

We would appreciate your candid responses to all of the following questions. Your answers will be treated as confidential. Thank you for taking the time to share your views. 

The survey should take no more than five (5) minutes to complete.

1. Name (Optional)

2. The learning objectives of the course were clearly stated. *

3. The hands-on activities demonstrated by the presenter were useful and effective in developing my understanding of the system. *

4. The sequence of the training was logical. *

5. The amount of time spent on each topic was sufficient. *

6. The content covered in briefing is clear and adequate. *

7. The training will be useful for my daily work. *

8. The presenter’s ability to teach the course was good. *

9. The trainer responded well to group and individual needs. *

10. Overall, the briefing has increased my knowledge of Cendana and feel that I will be able to use the system. *

11. Overall, I am satisfied with this briefing. *

12. Which aspects of your trainer's delivery could use improvement? (Select all that apply, if any).

If other, please specify:

13. Which part of the training content could use improvement? (Please state which activity/training)

Please specify any comments or recommendation: