Power BI Workshop for Brunei Gas Carriers (BGC)

1) The learning objectives of the training were clearly stated.

2)The hands-on activities using Power BI Desktop, was useful and effective in developing my understanding.

3) The sequence of the training was logical.

4) The amount of time spent on each topic was sufficient.

5) The content covered is clear and adequate.

6) The trainer's ability to teach the course was good.

7) The trainer responded well to group and individual needs.

8) Overall, the training has increased my knowledge of Power BI and I feel that I will be able to use it.

9) Overall, I am satisfied with the training.

10) Which aspects of your trainer's delivery could use improvement?(select all that apply, if any)

11) Which part of the training contents or hands-on activies that you find complicated and would require more explanation or time to explore?

12) Any other comments/suggestions

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